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The Western States Electrical Contest was held in Bakersfield Ca. on Nov. 5, 2011.

The annual event is a competition where each apprenticeship program in the 8th and 9th District sends one competitor, a graduate of that year, to compete head to head in a variety of electrical competencies. The contest dates back to the early 60’s, originally as an Oregon Apprenticeship contest, later expanding over the years, now to include all programs representing the two western districts. The contest typically has representation from 20-30 contestants.


The events of the contest include a written exam covering theory, code and history, a motor control design project and a hand’s-on event where the contestant wires the control diagram, a residential wiring project, two conduit bending events utilizing ½” and ¾” EMT, and a material identification element assembled by the host JATC.
The event is always filled with excitement and anxiety as the apprentices/new JW’s anticipated the events of the day. This year was no different, but also had a special feel as it was held in the brand new Bakersfield JATC facility, which had opened only two days prior to the event. The training center demonstrated what hard work, planning and cooperation of the IBEW and NECA can achieve when they are unified in their efforts. That relationship was clearly demonstrated by the building and the host members of the JATC.

Aeron Braukman, JW for Cherry City Electric, represented the NIETC in a manner that made us very proud to be participating. Aeron competed with a cool head and steady hand as he moved from one event to the next. The competition was fierce and too close to call as spectators commented on the quality of all of the competitors and the consistency in which each completed the events.
The event concluded with a banquet and awards ceremony where 9th District IVP Mike Mowrey addressed the crowd, reiterating the quality in which each contestant performed and the level of leadership that was represented by all in attendance. Mr. Mowrey made it clear that each contestant was a leader and that they set the mark for coworkers to strive for. Jeff Baker, representing Platt Electric, also spoke on behalf of the sponsoring company pointing out where some contestants hit roadblocks and difficulties, but kept their composure, proceeded on and delivered an excellent product despite the temptation to quit or find some easier alternative. This sentiment was clearly shared by the spectators as the contest proceeded.

The banquet closed with the final awards being handed out. Aeron, representing Portland, took home first place in the ½” conduit bending event as an individual prize and also placed Second overall, in a field of 23 competitors. Aeron clearly demonstrated outstanding skills throughout the day and a level of professionalism that allowed us to stand proud seeing him achieve such honors in such a competitive environment.

David Carney from Helena, Montana placed first overall, and Chris Bowden of Modesto, California placed third. Congratulations to all who represented their respective JATC’s, as it truly is an honor to simply compete on behalf of your home organization.


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