Become a Mentor

There is an increasing need for rapid skills transfer within our workforce as the percentage of less-experienced workers outpaces the percentage of experienced workers. The reality of today’s job-sites and accelerated building timelines makes it more difficult to effectively train and mentor our future workforce.
Through Mentor 48, we are gearing up to approach this dilemma head-on. We encourage later-term apprentices and Journeylevel workers to take a more active approach and interest in the training of our workforce. 
Through this program apprentices will have more tools to set career goals, assess their experience, identify gaps in their on-the-job exposure, and find a way to address those gaps.

Who can become a mentor?

  • Journeylevel workers, active or retired who are in good standing with Local 48
  • Apprentices who have completed the following term and are in good standing with Local 48 and with the training center
  • Inside Electrician Apprenticeship: Term 6
  • Limited Energy Apprenticeship: Term 4
  • Limited Residential Apprenticeship: Term 2

What is involved with mentorship?

  • You can mentor in two ways:
  • Support Mentor - 
  • Support mentors are available for contact regarding job-site issues or questions
  • Support mentors' contact information will be made available to apprentices along with their preferred method of contact (phone, text, e-mail) and preferred days/times of contact
  • Teaching Mentor - 
  • Teaching mentors act as support mentors - and-
  • Teaching mentors may identify one or more areas where they have expertise and are comfortable conducting small extra-curricular workshops

How much time is involved?

  • After completing a brief on-line conference training, you will be on your way to mentoring newer members.
  • Mentorship could be as simple as answering a few questions or concerns over the phone, or may lead to more in-depth involvement with your mentee's career.
  • Mentors have complete control over how much time they devote to mentorship. Mentors may remove their name from the contact list at any time.

How do you get started?

  • Fill in the form or contact