When you apply include a cover letter, a skills-based resume, and letters of recommendation in addition to submitting documentation that you meet the minimum program requirements. This will help your application stand out. For a printable PDF of Application Tips, click here.

To perform electrical work, you must be a licensed electrician or a registered apprentice.  There are entry-level jobs called Material Handling positions. These are the ways to obtain an entry-level position in the electrical industry:

  1. Sign the Material Handler/Lighting Tech Book at the IBEW 48 Dispatch office, 15937 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97230; 503-251-8689 (north entrance).  The dispatcher will provide you with information about what to do to obtain a job.
  2. Candidates may personally solicit employment with our contractors.  The website www.nwelectricians.com has a valuable database for finding contractors based on geographical area.

 Click here for more information.


  • Construction Related Volunteer Opportunities
Participating in these efforts show your commitment to community and your ability to work alongside others with tools.  This is a great way to build the “hands-on” portion of your resume if you do not have prior trade-related experience.  Document your hours and request a letter of recommendation if you feel you have earned one.  Click here for suggestions.

  • Industry-Related Classes
A large number of industry-related classes are available at local community colleges.  Click here for suggestions.

  • Pre-Apprenticeships
Pre-Apprenticeships expose students to all of the building trades, and help students to become familiar with terminology, hand and power tool use, construction safety, and more.  


Clark College Pre-Apprenticeship      360-992-2078
Pre-Apprenticeships Approved by Bureau of Labor and Industries:

Constructing Hope 

 JobCorps      800-733-JOBS 
 Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.      503-335-8200
 PCC Pre-Trade Orientation      971-722-5651
 Portland YouthBuilders      503-286-9350 


  • Documentation of Hobbies
Do you like to build and fix things?  Do projects around the house?  If so, take photos of your work, and add captions that describe the work you performed.  Before and after photos are great.  Include these with your application for apprenticeship.