Increased Outreach and an Industry Training Center  1970 - 1979

 In 1970 the Metro JATC and Trust committees were chaired by Business Manager, Herman Teeple.  Bob Burns, NECA Chapter Manager, served as secretary and Dan Faddis continued as Training Director.  Classes were being held at Benson High School under the umbrella of Portland Community College.  The Federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training  was represented by Carl Sorenson,  Charles Ganter was the State of Oregon apprenticeship consultant.  In 1971  Herman was appointed as an International Representative for the IBEW;   Art Bauder was appointed Business Manager.

A major topic of discussion in the early 70’s was the quality of related classroom instruction.   The committee searched for tools to improve the preparedness of the evening instructors.  Instructors  were also hampered by lack of training aids and limited storage space at Benson.

In June of 1971 there were 234 apprentices registered to the committee.  1971 also saw the merge of the Clatsop County program with the Metro program.  By  June 1973 the program had grown to 275 apprentices.

Efforts to bring more minorities into the program continued; 8 of the 70 applicants for the program in August of 1973 were minority.  The program was found in compliance with federal requirements.

In January of 1975 the program was at 289 registered  apprentices. The industry was experiencing a recession.  There were 79 apprentices and 70 journeymen out of work.  By January 1977 the program had dropped to 237 apprentices.  The committee had also taken action to merge the Tillamook program with the Metro program.

The program continued to experience problems with classes being held at Benson High School.   In early 1977 the Trustees made a decision to buy an empty 15,000 square foot Safeway store in NE Portland (42nd and Killingsworth).

After dropping down to 195 apprentices in January of 1979, the work  picture turned around.  In May of 1979 the committee interviewed 720 applicants.  By July there were 296 indentured apprentices.

As the 70’s drew to a close, Bob Hall replaced Art Bauder as Business Manager/Financial Secretary of Local 48.  Bob Burns continued as Chapter Manager.

Committee members through the 70’s included Stan Adams, WR Grasle, Riley “Bud” Taylor, Bob Burns, Eric Christenson, Jr, Dick Bonillo, Bill Shird, Don Lewis, and Hugh “Buzz” Allison representing NECA and Herman Teeple, Don Larkins, Jim Gilmore, Herb Bohlmann, Art Bauder, John Fischer, Jack Gallagher, Mel Hasslen, and Ed Barnes representing IBEW Local 48.