Preparing to Apply for Apprenticeship

 Information Orientation

All interested applicants are encouraged to attend a free information orientation. These are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 4pm. Pre-registration is not required. Your questions should be answered during this presentation, and there is time for Q & A afterwards. If you have attended an orientation in the past, it is suggested to attend the orientation again, as information and policies may have changed.  

If you are unable to attend an orientation, the presentation is available on Youtube here.

Application Portfolio

In addition to bringing your supporting documentation when you apply, we recommend a cover letter, resume, letters of recommendation, and photos of any projects you have worked on. The tabs to the right will give you some suggestions on how to prepare yourself to do your best and to be ready for the application process. 

Application openings will be posted at least 30 days in advance under the Applications tab found above. Please familiarize yourself with the Application Process.

Common mistakes that result in a closed application are:

  • Incomplete transcripts - either transcripts were not submitted, or they did not document that you meet the program requirements.
  • No graduation date - please be sure that your High School transcript or your GED certificate lists your graduation date or completion date.
  • No algebra submitted (pertains to the Inside Electrician and Limited Energy Technician Programs only) - please be sure that you meet the math requirement and that your transcript reflects this.  If you have completed math classes more advanced than algebra, we still need to see that you have completed a full year of algebra with a C or better.  A college placement test placing you into Math 95 or higher will suffice in lieu of a transcript record.
  • Low GPA or GED score - Earning an A or a B in a 3-credit college class will raise your GPA by .05 points.  For example, if your GPA is 1.8, earning an A or a B in four 3-credit college classes will raise your GPA to 2.0.  Transcripts required.  You may retake portions of your GED to achieve a qualifying score.

For all programs, your interview determines where you rank on the ranked list of eligible candidates. It is difficult to predict when you may be indentured into a new apprenticeship class, as our industry is economy driven.  As our contractors express a need for more apprentices, we form a new class starting with #1 on the ranked list.

 Your ranking is going to be determined several ways - trade-related experience, character and attitude, and education. Click on the tabs to the right for more information on how to make yourself a more competitive applicant.