Safety News

Arc Flash Hazards 1Similar to the NEC, the NFPA updates their 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, on a 3 year cycle. The revisions address electrical hazard identification and strategies for their elimination, or reduction when de-energizing is not an option.

The 2018 edition was just released and supersedes all other previous editions. This now triggers establishing another stakeholder group to review and update our sample NECA-IBEW Energized Electrical Work Policy.

Significant changes and areas of focus will include:

- Expanded requirements to meet Qualified Person definition
- New emphasis towards a dual responsibility of both employer AND employees to              execute safe work practices
- Assessment of causes for potential human error and consequences
- Prioritizing hazard elimination as the first choice, rather than PPE use
- Formal investigation of electrical incidents and causal identification
- Mandatory auditing of electrical program, field work and LOTO procedures
- First aid / CPR training frequencies to now recognize multiyear recertification
- Estimating the hazard likelihood and severity based on electrical system design and condition of maintenance
- Greater emphasis on always de-energizing at any calorie level, not just when + 40 calories
- Additional options to use rubber gloves without leather protectors
- Documented completion of JSA to address individual tasks, hazards related to those tasks, exposure likelihood and potential      injury severity, and identification of appropriate control measures

Our first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13th, at the NIETC, at 1:15 P.M. The stakeholder groups is open for anyone wanting to participate, and I would encourage you to send a representative from your firm, well versed in 70E or not.

Two CEU training options will be offered next year, a 4-hour 70E specific course, and an 8-hour electrical system design and 70E application course.

Please contact me for more information.